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Graham Bradley


Graham Bradley

Graham Bradley is a graphic designer and type designer. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and the Type@Cooper program at Cooper Union in New York City.

From 2012 to 2015, Graham worked independently from Santa Monica, California, designing type, lettering, identities, websites, and printed pieces for clients across the United States, including Josh Brolin, TEDMED, and Hearst.

In 2015, he joined Frere-Jones Type in Brooklyn. As the company’s first employee, he worked directly with Tobias Frere-Jones on Mallory and Retina. Mallory, a sans serif with British and American heritage, marked the introduction of the MicroPlus series, an innovative approach to type design for screens and small sizes in print. Retina, a 72-style family created for tiny text in newspapers, is in the Architecture and Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art. In addition to type design, Graham worked with Tobias to create specimens and illustrations, establish company policies and workflows, and develop custom tools.

Graham is currently working on a cookbook with his wife, Maria Zizka. The book will be published by Artisan in 2019. He is an instructor for Type@Cooper West, where he teaches Principles of Typeface Design. Graham is available for all kinds of design projects. Say hi!