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Graham Bradley

Graphic Design & Type Design

Bacterium Typeface

Bacterium Typeface Specimen Large

Bacterium was commissisoned by Alexander Isley for the 2014 TEDMED Conference. The letters change shape like amoebas under a microscope.

Alex had created a prototype character set but felt that a complete typeface would make the creation of a wide range of conference materials feasible. I refined the prototype characters and added a full set of punctuation, symbols, and accents. Throughout the process we pushed against the limits of expected letter construction as we experimented with potential forms.

Bacterium Typeface Specimen Medium

Bacterium automatically substitutes characters to achieve its shape-shifting look. The substitution routine for an entire typeface can get complicated. I wrote a Python script that output the OpenType substitution code.

Bacterium Typeface D Variations Bacterium Typeface G Variations Bacterium Typeface N Variations Bacterium Typeface S Variations Bacterium Typeface 3 Variations Bacterium Typeface 5 Variations
Bacterium includes three versions of each letter and number.