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Graham Bradley

Betafont Type Family

Betafont Type Family Thin Capitals Betafont Type Family Light Lowercase Betafont Type Family Figures

June 2014

For Betaworks

Michael Freimuth

Betafont was commissioned by Michael Freimuth at Franklyn for the Betaworks rebrand. The geometric type family takes inspiration from Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, adopting some of the shapes found in Babbage’s diagrams and notes. Betafont includes three weights: a thin weight for large type and two heavier weights suitable for text.

Betafont references typewriter letters and monospaced fonts for programming, but the family is not actually monospaced—the Betafont characters vary in width to allow them to occupy the space they require. This allows Betafont to read more like a traditional text face even though it doesn’t look like one.

Betafont Type Family Specimen Lowercase
Betafont Type Family Specimen Capitals
Betafont Type Family Specimen Figures
Betafont Type Family Text Specimen Light
Betafont Type Family Text Specimen Regular