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Graham Bradley

Holiday Cards & Stamps

Holiday Recipe Card Sunny Brooklyn


With Maria Zizka

Maria Zizka’s easy-to-follow yet rewarding recipes make for inviting, festive holiday cards. Expressive typography and instructional illustrations draw the readers in and guide them through the recipes. A system of using one-color letterpress printing arose naturally, and the result is an ongoing series in which each card can have its own voice while remaining part of the whole.

The cards were rubber stamped with a return address designed to reflect the home from which they were mailed. The Sunny Brooklyn relies heavily on Mallory, Dried Herbs was created with the Rebel typeface, the Ghurka typeface, and Betafont, and Blueberry Crumble uses Northerner.

Holiday Recipe Card Dried Herbs
Holiday Recipe Card Blueberry Crumble
Holiday Recipe Cards Collection
Rubber Address Stamp Berkeley
Rubber Address Stamp Brooklyn
Rubber Address Stamp Santa Monica