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Graham Bradley

Graphic Design & Type Design

Cortado Script Microsite

Cortado Script Microsite Laptop Home
Cortado Script Microsite Laptop Type Tester

Jesse Ragan and Ben Kiel originally designed Cortado Script for the accessory brand Aldo, their work inspired by the lettering of illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt. A reworked version of the typeface is now available to the public. Jesse and Ben hired me to design and code a microsite showcasing the typeface for its release.

The website demonstrates the versatility of Cortado Script while highlighting the typeface’s complex features in an approachable manner. I created eight different specimen cards for the website and built a perpetual type tester so that visitors could watch the script’s character substitution take place before their eyes. Cecilia provided coffee-colored illustrations for the header and footer.

Play with and purchase Cortado Script at
Cortado Script Menu Specimen Cortado Script Short Stories Specimen Cortado Script Spring Collection Specimen Cortado Script Wild Folk Specimen Cortado Script Skatepark Specimen Cortado Script Etchings Specimen Cortado Script Kombucha Specimen Cortado Script San Diego Specimen
A broad range of specimen cards.

The website’s specimen cards reflect the varied voices of Cortado Script—the typeface easily goes from glamorous to sporty to artisanal to retro to vintage.

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