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Graham Bradley

Exchange Release Illustrations

Exchange Illustrations Annual Report

June 2017

At Frere-Jones Type

Tobias Frere-Jones

The Exchange type family has been a widely-used text typeface in newspapers and online for many years. Tobias Frere-Jones’s process in designing Exchange was grounded in the study of many different historical models, each one bringing a certain solution to the challenges of legibility in newspapers.

The release of Exchange, the first serif typeface from Frere-Jones Type, offered an opporunity to demonstrate typographic pairings within the growing Frere-Jones Type library. The illustrations created for the release showcase the type family in a wide variety of settings alongside both Mallory and Retina. Exchange was expanded to include lighter weights as well as MicroPlus styles, and these new parts of the family are featured prominently in the release illustrations as well.

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A close look at Exchange on paper and on screen.