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Graham Bradley

Frere-Jones Type Specimens

Mallory Specimen Family Lowercase Mallory Specimen Family Capitals


At Frere-Jones Type

Tobias Frere-Jones

Nina Stössinger

The type families created by Tobias Frere-Jones are extensive and complex, designed to anticipate a very wide range of uses. Mallory is a 26-style family containing two optical sizes and eight-weights. Retina is a 72-style family containing two optical sizes, seven weights, and three widths.

Comprehensive specimens are produced for each release. They illustrate the shape of the family, provide detailed showings of each style, offer text settings for evaluation, and contain technical documentation.

These specimens were crafted with an eye toward historical type specimens, and the system of templates that underpins the design is intentionally flexible to anticipate everything from Retina-sized projects to small, one- or two-style families.

Retina Specimen Cover
Retina Specimen Family Lowercase Retina Specimen Family Capitals
Mallory Specimen Family Table
Mallory Specimen Thin Lowercase
Mallory Specimen Ultra Capitals
Retina Specimen Thin Capitals
Retina Specimen Black Lowercase
Mallory Specimen Book Text
Retina Specimen Standard Microplus Glyph Comparison
Retina Specimen Standard Microplus Text Comparison
Mallory Specimen Language Support
Mallory Specimen Opentype Features