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Graham Bradley

Ghurka Typefaces

Ghurka Typefaces Capitals 1 Ghurka Typefaces Figures 1 Ghurka Typefaces Capitals 2 Ghurka Typefaces Figures 2

January 2015

For Ghurka

Michael Freimuth

Franklyn’s revival of the Ghurka brand was inspired by the labels on the founder’s original leather work. Michael Freimuth decided to create a similar system of leather medallions, grounded in the history of the company but expanded to support the current Ghurka product line.

In order to capture the spirit of the type on the vintage bags, two custom typefaces were created. The first is a De Vinne revival, a version of the iconic typeface with slightly heavier strokes, lower contrast, and blunter details. These adjustments keep the letterforms intact when they are punched into leather. The second typeface contains a handful of mismatched figures that were used to label the original bags. Together, the two form a typographic palette with warmth and heritage.

Ghurka Typefaces Specimen Capitals
Ghurka Typefaces Specimen Figures
Ghurka Medallion
One of the Ghurka medallions, created by Franklyn.