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Graham Bradley

Graphic Design & Type Design

Giving Campaign Identity

All Saints Giving Campaign Identity

All Saints Church is a lively, inclusive Episcopal church in Pasadena, CA: “Whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith, you are welcome.”

I designed the identity for the church’s 2015 giving campaign, based on the words “Connect. Inspire. Transform.” I created a flexible system that revolves around three icons, one for each word. The icons are based on symbols that have universal meaning as well as Christian meaning, in keeping with the open arms of All Saints.

All Saints Giving Campaign Envelope All Saints Giving Campaign Envelope Flap All Saints Giving Campaign Letterhead

The church needed this identity to work on both banners and pens, so I created two versions of each icon—one for large sizes and one for small sizes.

Giving Campaign Large Connect Icon Giving Campaign Small Connect Icon Giving Campaign Large Inspire Icon Giving Campaign Small Inspire Icon Giving Campaign Large Transform Icon Giving Campaign Small Transform Icon
Icons for both large and small sizes.