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Graham Bradley

Mallory Type Family

Mallory Type Family Ultra Capitals Mallory Type Family Thin Figures Mallory Type Family Medium Lowercase Mallory Type Family Light Italic Lowercase Mallory Type Family Medium Capitals

November 2015

At Frere-Jones Type

Design & Direction
Tobias Frere-Jones

Erin McLaughlin
Aoife Mooney
Tim Ripper

Tobias Frere-Jones began Mallory, the first release from Frere-Jones Type, as an experiment in “mixing typoragraphic traditions”. The family is half British, its capitals influenced by Gill Sans, and half American, its lowercase inspired by Metro. The result is a new and distinctive type family that combines well with other typefaces while retaining its own character. With eight weights, Mallory offers a very wide range of stylistic choices, from a refined thin to an inscriptional medium to a boisterous ultra.

As the first family from Frere-Jones Type, Mallory contained the first set of MicroPlus fonts. The MicroPlus series, developed by Tobias Frere-Jones and grounded in decades of research, solves the challenges of type on screens and small type in print simultaneously with a series of carefully tested design decisions and meticulous hinting.

Mallory Type Family Specimen Capitals
Mallory Type Family Specimen Lowercase
Mallory Type Family Specimen Italic Capitals
Mallory Type Family Specimen Italic Lowercase