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Graham Bradley

Monograms & Wordmarks

Zizka Bradley Monogram
A couple’s monogram.


For Various Clients

Typographic marks aspire to be self-evident. Achieving simplicity and clarity while maintaining a unique voice requires thorough research, an imaginative creative process, and a willingness to sweat the details as each shape is refined. Regardless of whether the mark is playful, elegant, or industrial, or whether the client is a musical group, a software company, or a hotel, the same dedication to craft is required to bring an idea to fruition.

Maria Zizka Wordmark
A writer’s wordmark.
Industrial Publicide Monogram
A printer’s mark.
Proudmama Wordmark
A jamtronica duo’s logo.
Graham Bradley Initial
A designer’s mark.
Clique Public Wordmark
A fashion line’s wordmark.
Tutti Wordmark
A software company’s wordmark.
Christinanoel And The Creature Wordmark
A dance studio’s wordmark.
Tina Payne Bryson Monogram
An author’s monogram.
The Dewberry Wordmark
A hotel’s wordmark, created with Franklyn.