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Graham Bradley

Northerner Typeface

Northerner Typeface Capitals Northerner Typeface Lowercase Northerner Typeface Figures

December 2013

With Franklyn

Michael Freimuth

Northerner is an unapologetically digital take on traditional forms, its inline strokes hovering just shy of monoline, their rounded ends in dialogue with the typeface’s rectangular serifs. The typeface draws inspiration from stately inscriptional letters in the American midwest.

A custom tool, written in Python, was used to prototype and draw the inline strokes. This allowed for precise calibration of their weight and structure.

Northerner includes both lining and old-style figures as well as two bird ornaments. The typeface is designed primarily for large sizes, but the solid style (without the inline) can be used for running text at medium sizes.

Northerner Typeface Specimen Lowercase
Northerner Typeface Specimen Capitals
Northerner Typeface Text Specimen 1
Northerner Typeface Text Specimen 2