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Graham Bradley

Rebels Mascots & Type

Rebels Mascots Combined Gym Floor

October 2014

For Flintridge Prep

Reed Bradley

Flintridge Preparatory School is a junior high and high school in La Cañada, California. By 2014, the previous incarnation of the school’s mascot, a Confederate soldier, had fallen out of use and the school needed to bring the Prep Rebels into the twenty-first century while retaining the name “Rebels”.

Research into the history of the La Cañada foothills was the starting point for the new mascot system. The men and women that lived in the area during the nineteenth century were larger than life, almost figures from tall tales. With grit and determination, they cut the trails in the nearby mountains and fought for inclusion of minorities in the local school system.

The new mascots, based on these men and women, are distinctly Californian and reflect the diversity of Flintridge Prep. The type is inspired by maps and signage from the same historical era the mascots reference. While streamlined for use on apparel, uniforms, and gym signage, the letterforms still retain a distinct sense of time and place.

Rebels Mascot Football Helmet
Rebels Mascot Volleyball
Rebels Mascot Basketball
Rebels Lettering Fps
Rebels Foothill Typeface
Rebels Brand Guidelines Color Section Opener Rebels Brand Guidelines Color Palette Rebels Brand Guidelines Mascot
Usage guidelines were created for the high school students.