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Graham Bradley

Graphic Design & Type Design

Rebels Identity

Rebels Identity Man and Woman
Rebels Identity Man Rebels Identity Woman

These Rebels carve trails, befriend bears, and stand up for what’s right.

Flintridge Preparatory School is a junior high and high school in La Cañada, CA. My brother, Reed Bradley, and I (both alumni) were hired to bring the Prep Rebels into the 21st century after the previous incarnation of the mascot, a Confederate soldier, had fallen out of use.

We dove into the history of La Cañada and found that the settlers of the valley seemed larger than life, like figures from tall tales. The new Rebels, based on these men and women and illustrated by Reed Bradley, are distinctly Californian and reflect the diversity of Flintridge Prep.

Rebels Lettering
Rebels Lettering Prep
Rebels Lettering FPS

I designed lettering and a typeface as part of the new mascot system. The lettering is inspired by an old map while the typeface references a dentist’s sign. I worked to preserve the sense of time and place that these objects conveyed while streamlining the letterforms and giving them a healthy dose of athleticism.

Foothill Typeface Specimen
Autry Research Man Autry Research Man Autry Research Tombstone Mining District Map Autry Research Columbia Dentists Sign
Reference material from the Autry National Center.