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Graham Bradley

Retina Release Illustrations

Retina Illustrations Airport Arrivals

October 2016

At Frere-Jones Type

Tobias Frere-Jones

Retina was originally created by Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000 and its most prominent and consistent use has been in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, where it garnered recognition for making tiny text legible in stock listings, sports scores, and advertisements.

An expanded and reworked Retina family was released in 2016. The language support was improved, hints were added for use on screen, italic fonts were made, the structure of the family was reorganized to better suit the needs of designers working in a variety of mediums, and the parts of the family formerly used for large headlines were adjusted to be used across a wider range of sizes.

Despite its strong association with newspapers, the three-width, seven-weight type family can thrive in almost any imaginable context, from signage to invitations to literature to packaging to websites. The illustrations created for its release were intended to demonstrate this extensive range.

Retina Illustrations League Tournament
Retina Illustrations Save The Date
Retina Illustrations Currency
Retina Illustrations Powerbar
Retina Illustrations Winter Recipes
Retina Illustrations Science Journal
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An animation for social media posts.