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Graham Bradley

Graphic Design & Type Design

Sinibaldi Typeface

Sinibaldi Typeface Large Specimen
Sinibaldi Typeface Small Specimen Sinibaldi Typeface Small Specimen

Sinibaldi is a historical revival designed at Type@Cooper. It is based on a typeface of the same name created by Raffaello Bertieri for Nebiolo (1926). This typeface was in turn based on the calligraphy of Renaissance scribe Antonio Sinibaldi.

Working from photographs of the original Nebiolo specimen, I sought to capture the expressive qualities of the original while achieving a more even texture.

Sinibaldi Typeface Comparison Metal Sinibaldi Typeface Comparison Digital
The original Sinibaldi compared to my revival.

While drawing each letter, I made decisions in regards to how certain calligraphic details were rendered—some areas were kept crisp while others were allowed to swoop into graceful curves.

Sinibaldi Typeface Large X Sinibaldi Typeface Large Z